TECH EXPO: NOVEMBER 9 & 10, 2018
Print & Finishing Solutions – Expanded Showroom

305TC Paper Cutter

The Challenge 305TC continues Challenge Machinery’s well known excellence for innovation, reliability and durability. Powerful, accurate, hydraulic clamping and cutting with a 30 1/2″ cut width and 4″ clamp opening. Standard features such as power soft clamp, air table, digital hand wheel, and automatic false clamp detection reduces operator fatigue and maximizes productivity. The Champion 305TC meets the toughest safety standards in the industry today. The intuitive 10.5″ color touch screen TC controller allows variable mode data entry, automatic fraction to decimal calculation and unlimited program storage capacity. First paper cutter to recognize the .csv format making programming simple and user-friendly.

Titan 265 TC

Challenge continues to deliver excellence in innovation and strength with the Titan 265TC. This powerful hydraulic clamping and cutting yields up to 26 cuts per minute! With industry exclusive UHMW gib surfaces, composite brushing and a one-inch thick solid metal table it requires virtually zero maintenance.

SCM Hydraulic

Need a single corning machine? Look no further than the SCM by Challenge. Give your jobs that added professional quality with precise cutting action. It has a 4”/10cm lift capacity with 6 sizes of cornering knives. Minimize operator fatigue and provide the power needed for cornering difficult jobs of index and coated stock.


The Challenge iJob air-flow heavy duty jogger is now available to the high static digital print market. With a 12” x 18” maximum sheet shize, the iJOG has the power and air assistance to quickly jog up to a 4” lift of stock. The iJOG is foot pedal controlled and offers two jogging speeds and three operating modes. The volume of air flow is adjustable to adapt to a wide variety of paper stocks.