TECH EXPO: NOVEMBER 9 & 10, 2018
Print & Finishing Solutions – Expanded Showroom

JBI Docupunch PLUS

­The DocuPunch PLUS is the original and world’s best selling automatic punch. It is as simple to operate as a copier – load the paper, turn it on using the digital keypad, and walk away! Th­is versatile, ergonomically designed time-saver offers hands-free punching of pre-collated books, presentations, reports and even tabbed sheets (documents up to 13” wide). Run up to 76,55+ SPH with clean, perfect holes. There are 3 selectable speeds of 50, 60, 75 cycles/minute to offer more productivity and security for a wider range of punching jobs.

JBI Docupunch MINI

The new James Burn DocuPunch MINI automatic punch will revolutionize finishing operations. With the ability to automatically punch up to 11,000SPH, this machine o ffers incredible labor savings with a quick ROI. It has a punching speed of 45 cycles/minute and punches a wide variety of paper stocks, covers and even tabbed sheets in sizes from 8.5” x 8.5” up to 11.8” x 11.8”. With a digital LCD touchpad control, it is simple to operate, freeing up operator time.


JBI Koilmatic

The James Burn Koilmatic Automatic Tabletop Coil Inserter is an affordable fully electric tabletop automatic coil inserter and crimper designed with the digital print market in mind. Set up is easy! ­The Koilmatic does not require any tools or shop air to run and can bind up to 450 books per hour.

  • Coil capabilities: 8mm to 20mm
  • Binding Edge Capabilities: 8.5” / 11” / A5/ A4
  • Format: Oval hole .2475” Pitch